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Children move freely between the two areas of this room, one of which is carpeted and the other vinyl non-slip flooring for messy and creative activities. Toys are stored within children’s reach and they are supported to make their own decisions regarding their play to capture and sustain their interest. Children develop their independence as they freely set out and help to pack away their toys, the labelled boxes also support children’s early reading skills. Adult-led activities such as story times, singing times, games and meal times are carefully planned to be fun, enjoyable experiences in which all children participate. Children are given greater responsibility within this room as they make choices when to access the snack table, managing skills of pouring their own drinks or helping to lay the table.

Staff are on hand to support and ensure good hygiene routines are followed.

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The pre-school room has direct access to our outdoor areas. A wide range of activities are available outdoors whatever the weather to support children’s all round development alongside their physical skills. Children may practise early writing skills as they use the chalk boards or paint on a larger scale. They may develop their knowledge of the world as they hunt for bugs or nurture plants and vegetables in the growing area. They explore early mathematical concepts when comparing size and capacity in water and sand play.

Each child has a key worker who ensures that, through effective communication with parents, they are fully aware of children’s needs and routines. The key-worker works alongside parents to assess children’s progress and plan for future learning through a wide range of exciting play based activities, supporting children in their preparation for  school.

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